The Ordinary Circus Girl

  • Fheel Concepts


    Virtual reality and live performance

  • 1h15
© Alix Roques-Genez
© Florian Jonasz
© Antoine Gibeaux
© Florian Jonasz
© Alix Roques-Genez



The Ordinary Circus Girl is a sensory experience that combines virtual reality with a contemporary circus performance.

The show is a physical experience where the real and the unreal blend together and play with the boundaries between reality and fiction and the physical and virtual world.

Inspired by Corinne Linder's life, The Ordinary Circus Girl evokes the age-old questions of risk, failure, and adrenalin that affect those whose bodies are their artistic tools.

Wearing virtual reality helmets, the spectators are guided by Nico, the company's stage manager, as well as the real and virtual characters of the story. Through physical contact, skill, and the solicitation of their olfactory memories, the spectators are invited to slip into the skin of circus artists, reaching the heights of the big top, immersed in the perspective of an aerial performer.

From backstage to the final aerial act, will they manage to face their fears?

This experience is not recommended for people with epilepsy or reduced mobility.


Written and directed by Corinne Linder and Nicolas Quetelard
Performers Corinne Linder, Julia Masson, Nicolas Quetelard and Marjolaine Grenier
Scenography and writing assistance Jérémie Chevalier
General technician Marjolaine Grenier
Outside artistic perspective Sylvain Monzant and Sylvain Cousin
Music Katja Andersen (film and performance)
Light design Margot Falletty
Post production Studio Novelab

Film team for virtual reality

Director and choreographer Corinne Linder – Fheel Concepts
Actors and circus artists
Katja Andersen (aerial work and singer) - Max Behrendt (lifts) - Noëmie Bouissou (actor and acrobat) - Jean Couhet-Guichot (acrobatics and banjo) - Noémie Deumié (femme blanche) - Loric Fouchereau (hand to hand balancing) - Peter Freeman (hand to hand balancing) - Ricardo Gaiser (acrobat) - Antoine Gibeaux  (actor: the director) - Clémence Gilbert (hand to hand balancing) - Amir Guetta & Hemda Ben Zvi (acrobatic duo) - Cali Hays (acrobat) - Corinne Linder (aerials) - Julia Masson (actor: Séleste) - Nathalie Oleinik (aerial work) - Nicolas Quetelard  (actor: Nico and clowning) - Silvana Sanchirico (aerial work) - Alice Tibery Rende (contortionist balanced on canes)
Production Charlotte Wion with assistance from Corinne Linder – Fheel Concepts
Administration Audrey Itier – Fheel Concepts
Assistant director Martin Baptiste
Director of photography Louahem Fouzi
Sound engineer Charlotte Comte 

Technical team

General technician and project management Marjolaine Grenier 
Camera movements Jean Jadaud, R-motions
Lights Marylou Bateau, Jordi Honoré, Sarah Munro
Rig technicians Julie Malka, Jeansens Rillh
Scenography assistant Elise Bergès 
Musical creation Katja Andersen
Costumes Julia Masson
Set photographer Jonasz Florian
Post production (vfx & sound) Audiogaming / Novelab; Couchard Thomas Sound Design; Sourzac Dimitri Visual co-creation and artistic direction of the VR

Partners CIRCa national circus center in Auch Gers Occitanie / Attention Fragile company in Marseille / AudioGaming in Toulouse / Théâtre des Mazades in Toulouse / CIRKO in Finland / La Central Del Circ in Barcelona / Cap Découverte in Le Garric / CIAM La Fabrique in Toulouse / La Grainerie in Toulouse / Théâtre Altigone in St Orens de Gameville / Les Halles de la Cartoucherie in Toulouse
Coproduction La Verrerie national circus center in Alès / Les Subsistances in Lyon / Quai des Savoirs in Toulouse / Université Jean-Monnet in Saint Etienne (RIM)/RAN Master's program for digital arts
Support Mar a Mar for writing & production (European foundation) / Circ-collaborative tools (European foundation) / Ministry of Culture & Communication (SNI grant, 2017) / Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

"The story/experience beautifully evokes the question of risk, fear, body, and the artistic act."

– The Terrace

"The spectator will remember this experience as something the will not only have seen, but also as something they will have lived."

–  (Corinne Linder)

The company Fheel Concepts was created in October 2016 to foster collaboration between different art forms while preserving the fundamental principles of contemporary circus. The company develops a form of multidisciplinary theater-circus that seeks to explore new performance spaces and new actor-audience relationships.


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