• 19th-21st February 2021

    On standby


Time to tell création

  • Martin Palisse et David Gauchard



  • 1h
    Ages 8 and up
    Under the big top
© Christophe Raynaud de Lage
© Christophe Raynaud de Lage
© Christophe Raynaud de Lage
© Christophe Raynaud de Lage



Sometimes, the uncomfortable situations that life can impose on us turn out to be exciting paths!

Martin Palisse has experienced this first-hand and has seen his relationship with time transformed. Today, he has a distinctive relationship with the exploration of the passage of time and the aging body. He lives every second by tracking down every possible experience, running sprints in slow motion. Juggling is the language that allows him to stretch, to play with time.

To tell the story of his journey and allow it to resonate within each of us, he calls upon the talented director David Gauchard. In the manner of a sociologist or a journalist, this seasoned storyteller captures the spoken word with his micro-recorder in hand, investigating how to stage these stories alongside a radical, exhausting, lengthy, slow, powerful act of juggling. It’s an extremely physical act.

Conception, direction, and scenography David Gauchard & Martin Palisse
Performance Martin Palisse
Management Chloé Levoy
Production L’Unijambiste
Distribution La Magnanerie
Executive production Le Sirque national circus center in Nexon, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Support OARA, artistic office of the Region Nouvelle Aquitaine

Le Sirque is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture – DRAC cultural affairs department for Nouvelle Aquitaine / Nouvelle Aquitaine Regional Council / Haute-Vienne Departmental Council / the Communauté de Communes du Pays de Nexon-Monts de Châlus / City of Nexon

Founding member of Territoires de Cirque. Member of SYNDEAC – union of artistic and cultural enterprises.

The L’Unijambiste company is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication – DRAC cultural affairs department for Nouvelle Aquitaine and the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and also benefits from the support of the City of Limoges for the distribution of its shows.

"A strong, timeless, universal, contemporary statement. Martin Palisse has things to say. Those who have been following this juggler for a while know it. This is felt intensely in his physical performance, but this time he has decided to make his words even clearer by speaking in the ring. With David Gauchard directing and Palisse performing, this is a blend of juggling, music, theater, and text."

– Le Populaire du Centre

Martin Palisse is a juggler, author, and director of La Sirque national circus center in Nexon, Nouvelle-Aquitaine. When Jérôme Thomas introduced him to the minimalist music of Steve Reich and Terry Riley, it was a decisive moment that changed the direction of his juggling. The entire body of his work is intimately linked to music, and it uses diverse types – minimalist, post-rock, electronic – in radical ways to form the primary medium of his juggling discourse. The result is energetic, rigorous, often uncluttered, but nevertheless highly emotional. His juggling evolves within the framework of complex visual and aural bases that are in constant permutation. The visual bases take geometrical forms inspired by two simultaneous actions of the body – walking and juggling – that cover the horizontal and vertical dimensions of space-time. In his shows, Martin Palisse confronts the structures of music with his juggling.

David Gauchard has been the director and artistic director of the L'Unijambiste company for 20 years. He has directed about 20 plays that mix cultural influences and creative networks in a journey that travels from classical theater to storytelling and from concert to opera. Authors, translators, actors, musicians, opera singers, graphic artists, and photographers mingle and collaborate in his shows. For 2021, he is preparing Nu, an exploration of the artistic nude, the living model, the art of posing.