Trait(s) création

  • Cie SCoM


    Cyr wheel

  • 30mn
    Ages 3 and up
© Kamy Dobi


TRAIT(s) is a visual circus essay and the last part of a triptych for young audiences that offers a contemporary interpretation of three circus fundamentals: the body, the family, and the circle.

Inspired by the works of the abstract painters Kandinsky, Miro, and Delaunay, TRAIT(s) features a circus artist on the Cyr wheel who must use the apparatus to create a work of art. From its narrative to the Cyr wheel to the audience's seating arrangement, this show explores the notion of the circle. Just as shapes and colors burst forth beneath the Cyr wheel, the circus performance also begins to write itself and take visual form.

Inspired by the technical mastery that visual art requires, TRAIT(s) reveals the extraordinary performance that results from the mastery of a circus apparatus. Although, in this case, there is a constant risk of scratches.

TRAIT(s) is an ode to the desire to express oneself.

Concept and staging Coline Garcia 
Assistance for staging Nathalie Bertholio 
Performers Marica Marinoni, Felipe Nardiello (alternating) 
Artistic perspective Rémy Bénard 
Sound design Eric Pollet 
Visual arts consultant Camille Dauba 
General management Julie Malka 

Production Cie SCOM
Coproduction 2 Pôles circus platform in Normandy – La Brèche in Cherbourg and Cirque Théâtre in Elbeuf / Archaos national circus center in Marseille / Odyssud national theater for art for young audiences
Support and partners Créa Kingersheim – Festival MOMIX / Festival Petits et Grands / Théâtre d’Angoulême / CIRCa national circus center in Auch / La Grainerie / Cirque Jules Verne national circus center in Amiens / Domaine d’O / Théâtre du Champ Exquis national theater for young audiences / CASDDV Espace G.Sadoul / La NEF / City of Cugnaux

Sterno Circo Occipito Mastoïdienne is a contemporary circus company created in 2016 by Coline Garcia to stimulate innovation and creativity among young audiences. Since then, SCoM has been exploring themes related to daily life and the shaping of our identities.

Initially, the company focused on producing creative circus works with a specific artistic language for young audiences. To do this, Coline Garcia anchored her circus work in young people's reality by taking an ethnographic approach to her creative process. The result is raw, minimalist stages and an aesthetic devoid of any form of naiveté that is capable of stimulating children's imaginations, both in projection and reflection.

The company is also committed to performing in rural areas and is developing portable devices capable of adapting to sites that are not equipped for live performances. The goal is to allow more complicated circus disciplines, such as the cord lisse, to be easily presented in a traveling circus.

Finally, the SCoM company embraces a militantly creative approach to foster gender equality. First of all, it is careful never to convey – and therefore reproduce – gender stereotypes in its performances. In addition, the company creates diverse roles for its shows.