Traversée création

  • Basinga


    [BIAC Selection] Tightrope

  • 15mn
    Ages 6 and up
    Open air


Extend a wire over this square that we know so well. Trace a new pathway on the oftentimes crowded parvis of the Opera so that it may cross the space that we would have invented together. We, united beneath the taut wire. Our hearts and breaths suspended as she moves above us. Her steps, one after the other, will make their way across an invisible wire that will no longer be here tomorrow, but that will remain with each of us, linking us to each other. And to our city. 


Tightrope: Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga                                                   Music: Jérémy Manche                                                                       Singing: Pascale Valenta

Basinga is a company of artists united by the art of tightrope walking. We are the continuous control over our imbalances. To move forward, we spin threads, we tie ourselves to each other. Exploration, workshops, and shows enable Basinga to develop this art that reveals how our strength relies on our frailties. That which links us together consolidates us. 


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