• Lunatic


    Acrobatics, balancing, object manipulation

  • 40mn
© Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Twinkle is both a show and an immersive, playful, and participative installation for young children from infants to three years old and the adults who are with them. Inspired by the vibrant and mythical imaginings of the musica universalis, this creation evokes our dreamed relationships with the sun and the moon, as well as the emotional passage from day to night, from night to day, from earth to sky and from sky to earth… With the audience assembled around an aerial bamboo structure, three artists make bodies and instruments vibrate. Together they weave a common space where the audience is invited to experience and embrace the universe of stars and planets that has been created.

Creation Cécile Mont-Reynaud
Composition Sika Gblondoumé and Olivier Lerat
Objects, visual universe, and artistic perspective Chloé Cassagnes
Scenography Gilles Fer
Costumes Isabelle Cerneau
Performers Cécile Mont-Reynaud (aerial dance), Ananda Montange (movements, aerial dance, and voices), Olivier Lerat (instruments and voice)


Production Cie Lunatic Co-production and support City ofRomainville with the support of the Seine-Saint-Denis Department / Val d’Oise Department in the framework of PREMIERES RENCONTRES, the European biennial of art, early childhood and live performance / DRAC contemporary art archive for Île-de-France in the framework of the Courte Echelle network / Cie ACTA in the framework of Pépite, centre for creation for young audiences / the Hisse et oh ! art and childhood program of the Seine-Saint-Denis department committee / Festival 193 Soleil Residences Théâtre des Roches à Montreuil / Palais des Fêtes, Maison de l’Enfance, and the Salle Jacques Brel in Romainville / spaces provided by the Compagnie ACTA & the daycare center of the City of Villiers-le-Bel / Lucie Aubrac departmental daycare center in Bondy

"A show that provides a first discovery where toddlers can observe, feel, and act at the same time."

Télérama Sortir

Founded in 2000 by Cécile Mont-Reynaud, the Compagnie Lunatic has produced a dozen creations that combine aerial acrobatics, music, and visual arts. Performed in diverse venues, these creations result from extensive research into the reciprocal echoes of body and space, movement, and architecture. While developing a unique body of work with and for young audiences since 2012, the Compagnie Lunatic has continued to bring poetic expression everywhere and for everyone, making it accessible for all places, all audiences, and all ages.

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