Ûman - Genesiscréation

  • Unati


    Chains and aerial straps

  • 40mn
    Ages 6 and up


Free with a reservation. Call +33 (0)4 42 91 99 19 (Tuesday to Saturday from 10h to 18h)

© Emad Diene


Ûman – Genesis is a journey from darkness to light that evokes the human being and humanity in our present times. It is a visceral and introspective show, an expression of an inner transformation mirroring our changing world, a world that is collapsing and giving way to a new one. 

By and with Anthony Weiss

The Unati company was founded in 2014 to fulfill Anthony Weiss' desire to create multidisciplinary shows focusing on human beings and humanity. The company is based in Aix-en-Provence, which is the hometown of the director, choreographer, artist, and leader of this project. Ûman-Genesis is a recreation of Ûman (2018).

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