VÃO création

  • Erva Daninha


    Manipulating objects, acrobatics

  • 55mn
    Ages 12 and up
© Susana Chico
© Susana Chico
© Susana Chico
© Susana Chico



There’s a road on the stage. It is a route that connects a starting point and an end point, a path whose extremities testify to and symbolize the chasm we must all overcome, the chasm between what we are and what we plan to be.

During this long trek, error, repetition, and the search for balance are omnipresent. Every day and at every moment, our choices resonate with our free will as they guide us and move us forward. Sometimes they are overcome by circumstances and the vagaries of life, leaving us to wonder what escapes are available to us? What refuges will shelter us from unpredictable storms?

Vão explores the movements of the acrobatic body throughout this journey...


Show programmed as part of the CircusLink project, co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

Artistic direction Vasco Gomes
Artistic direction and material design Julieta Guimarães
Co-creation and performance Leonardo Ferreira, Vasco Gomes
Sound design Baltazar Molina
Lights Romeu Correia Guimarães
Photo Susana Chicó
Video Ashleigh Georgiou

Coproduction Bolsa Rede 5 Sentidos / Centro de Arte de Ovar / Centro Cultural Vila Flor / Espaço do Tempo / Teatro Académico Gil Vicente / Teatro Micaelense / Teatro Municipal da Guarda / Teatro Municipal do Porto / Teatro Nacional São João / Teatro Viriato / Teatro Virgínia.

Erva Daninha is supported by the Portuguese government – Directorate General Arts & Culture

Created in 2006, Erva Daninha is a Portuguese contemporary circus company based in Porto.

The company performs internationally, both on traditional stages and in public and alternative spaces. Its work is focused on promoting encounters and dialogue between all of the performing arts disciplines.

The company is also dedicated to training and cultural programming. In 2013, it organized the Corrente Alterna festival in co-production with Teatro Nacional São João. Then, starting in 2016, it began organizing the Trengo de Porto circus festival in co-production with Porto Lazer and the Teatro Municipal do Porto, and starting in 2018, the Mostra Greenhouse emerging talent festival in co-production with Teatro Municipal do Porto.

Since 2015, the Erva Daninha company has been in residence at Teatro Campo Alegre as part of the Teatro em Campo Aberto program. Since 2018, it has received support from the Portuguese government – Directorate General Arts & Culture.