• Cirque Inextremiste


    Balancing on spinning top

  • 30mn
    Ages 4 and up
© Valéry K
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– Working phase of a show in the process of being created –

Like the planets of our solar system and the atoms that make up all matter, the dance of the whirling dervish is a form of meditation that aims to reach the source of ultimate perfection.

Through this show, the dervish takes us with him on the quest for his sacred island.

Directly linked to current ecological issues and what is at stake for our civilization, this aesthetic and powerful performance raises questions about our safe havens, our sensitivities, and our attachment to our most precious possession, nature.

Performer Rémi Lecocq
Technician Jack Verdier
Staging Yann Ecauvre and Serge Lazar
Concept Rémi Lecocq 
Production Cirque Inextremiste

The Cirque Inextremiste company was created in 1998 under the name As Pa de Maïoun. It quickly acquired a tent, and it embarked on a creative journey that mixed dance, street arts, and music.

The show Inextremiste was conceived in 2007 by the self-taught artist Yann Ecauvre and incorporated a trampoline and gas bottles. The show Extrêmités was created in 2012, with boards and... gas bottles! In the same delirious dynamic, the second part, called Extension, came into being in 2014.

Between 2015 and 2017, the Cirque Inextremiste team expanded and created two new shows: a spectacular ball entitled Extreme Night Fever and a large-scale street show called Exit that featured a hot air balloon. In 2018, Yann launched a new balance show entitled Damocles that uses audience participation to question the trust that we place in each other when faced with difficulties.

The company is working on three new creations that will be performed in 2021: a caustic clown solo entitled Mal à droite; a show mixing theater and circus around the question of the loss of common sense in society; and a solo performed by Rémi Lecocq inspired by whirling dervishes.