Wald création

  • Right Way Down


    Hand balancing

  • 50mn
    Ages 6 and up
© Olof Grind
© Olof Grind
© Olof Grind
© Olof Grind
© Olof Grind



These six talented hand balancers use ingenious techniques to take us into a graphic universe where they abandon words and use their bodies to tell stories about landscapes.

Brought together by a common interest in collective performance that eclipses the individual and focuses on group expression, they have created an acrobatic choreography that reflects the strength of the forest and embodies this unique entity that thrives only in unity. Their graceful and bold technique is like a brush that depicts decay, destruction, and decomposition to compose an organic painting. Come and discover the absurdity of an inverted reality, a world pointed in the right direction, the world of Right Way Down…


Show programmed as part of the CircusLink project, co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

With Mikael Kristiansen, Sunniva Byvard, Isak Arvidsson, Imogen Huzel, Matt Pasquet, Lisa Angberg
Music Jonatan Krogh
Light design Kenneth Danielsen
Outside artistic consultant Tom Brand


Right Way Down is a collective of six hand balancers who all graduated from the School of Dance and Circus at the Stockholm University of the Arts. Having worked as solo artists for many years, they are now united around a common vision and they embrace notions such as architecture, biology, and nature as a framework for their research. Wald is their first creation.


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