Yokaï Kemame

  • Cie DeFracto

    France, Japan


  • 50mn
    Ages 10 and up



Yokai Kemame, the spirit of the edamame or hairy beans.

Yokai in Japanese refers to the soul of something that has lived long enough to be given a soul. Graphically, the word yokai is a combination of two ideograms: "phenomenon" and "unknown".

Inspired by this belief, Guillaume Martinet (France) and the Hisashi Watanabe (Japan) decided to work as a duo to find the "yokai" of their juggling! Locked in a quadri-frontal device along with more or less round objects that have been fabricated by Sakurako Gibo, the artists have created another way of juggling that is somewhere between manipulation and contortion. The result is an experimental and funny form of juggling that is tinged with a certain animality, which radically recasts what we know of this circus discipline.

French-Japanese collaboration between Defracto and Atama To Kuchi

Writing Sakurako Gibo, Guillaume Martinet, Hisashi Watanabe
Juggling Guillaume Martinet and Hisashi Watanabe
Musical composition Sylvain Quément and Makoto Nomura
Staging Johan Swartvagher
Light design Alrik Reynaud
Costumes and accessoires Eve Ragon and Sakurako Gibo
Production Camille Talva
Distribution Anne-Agathe Prin
Artisan Sakurako Gibo
Stage manager Paul Roussier

Production Cie Defracto - http://defracto.com
Coproductions and artistic residencies La Maison des Jonglages, La Courneuve // La Cité du Cirque regional circus center in Le Mans // 2 Pôles Cirque platform in Normandy: La Brèche in Cherbourg & Cirque Théâtre d'Elbeuf // L’Entracte, Sablé-sur-Sarthe // La Passerelle / Scène Nationale de Gap, Alpes du Sud // Kanagawa Arts Theater / Yokohama, Japon 

With the support of the DRAC, the Institut Français in Paris and the SPEDIDAM.

Created in 2088 by Laure Caillat, Guillaume Martinet, Minh Tam Kaplan, and David Maillard, Defracto works to create a new language composed of body movement and juggling. Each project is a collaboration, all of the company members are co-authors and participate in the creation of the project. The collegial aspect is a permanent feature of the development of the music, scenography, and juggling. Based in Île de France, the company creates abstract and absurd pieces, all based on experimental and playful juggling routines composed with minimalist sound and light.


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