More than ever, we must continue to dream, to believe in the future... Artists will always be here to help us feel the joy of life, let us experience the emotion of true beauty, make us pulsate in the face of exploits, and challenge us to consider the evolution of our world by sharing their worries and their hopes.

This fourth edition of the Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque (BIAC) has been made possible thanks to the support and partnership of 55 cultural organizations in the Sud region. Together we have imagined a program that unites diversity and creativity with 78 artistic performances, including 37 brand new creations.

55 cultural organizations from the Sud region, 78 artistic performances including 37 creations


The 2021 edition of the BIAC promotes the presence of women in the circus by hosting many female circus artists, authors, and directors. In total, 15 women creators are part of the program, including Fanny Soriano, Florence Caillon, Mélissa Von Vépy, Sophia Perez, and Maroussia Diaz Verbèke.

We also welcome artists who have already marked the history of the contemporary circus, such as Yoann Bourgeois, who will be the flagship artist of this edition, as well as Johann Le Guillerm and Nikolaus Holz… There will also be emblematic companies such as the Compagnie XY, Akoréacro, or the Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger.

We explore the question of the artistic repertoire with several companies presenting older performances and others presenting performances inspired by iconic works such as Swan Lake or Carmen... Within this context, Archaos and Sylvie Guillermin revisit Parallèle 26, a performance they created in 2006, and this time they have associated with the PNSD national dance center in Cannes and Piste d'Azur circus school.

Professionals from more than 30 countries, conferences and meetings, the Europe-wide CircusLink project

The Professional Forum is an essential crossroads and meeting place for international performing arts professionals. The 2021 edition will be attended by programmers of more than 30 nationalities and will be the venue for debates, conferences, round tables, and collaborative workshops that will address themes that encompass BIAC's programming and the crucial issues facing our profession as we try and ensure a more "supportive" future: the place of women, sustainable development, mobility...

At the heart of these crucial issues is CircusLink, the European cooperation project co-funded by the European Union's Creative Europe program and led by the BIAC. This initiative will showcase the richness and diversity of the European circus scene.

After the period we have all endured, which saw limits placed on human connections, we believe that it is through culture in general, and the circus in our own particular case, that we will be able to reinvent these vital bonds together.


Raquel Rache de Andrade and Guy Carrara

Co-directors of the Archaos national circus center and the BIAC