La Garance

Scène Nationale de Cavaillon

Rue du Languedoc
84306 Cavaillon

Tél : 04 90 78 64 64
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The enchanted world of these artists is put on display both inside and outside of the circus ring. It is a world that is definitely their own, a world that is created at the meeting point between the circus and the visual arts, a world that is bubbling with humor, with an infinity of delicacies. And, at times, there is even a poetic nostalgia: boisterous dance steps under the watchful eye of a horse, singing, acrobatics, equestrian arts, a strange woman being followed by a parakeet... Le Baro d'Evel is a tribe that invites all of its audiences to share in a fantastic ceremony and in this world that never ceases to dance and whirl. As a result, a fragile fable is spun. This company's creations are born out of a movement toward the impossible and take place at the border between the intimate and the masterful, always preferring the simple over the ostentatious. 


Getting There

TRAIN - TRAIN: Gare de Cavaillon


Nearby parking, unguarded


On-site bar and snacks

To be seen

vignette image A Nos Vertiges

A Nos Vertiges

Cie Les mains, les pieds et la tête aussi (MPTA)

Acrobatics, Aerial Straps

22nd January 2022 at 07:00pm

La Garance


vignette image L'homme canon

L'homme canon

Association des clous / Rémi Luchez

Balancing and vocals

29th January - 7th February 2022

Different locations

Cavaillon, Marseille,