• Amer i Africa Circ Cia


    Acrobatic Lifts

  • 20mn
    Ages 3 and up
    Open air
Enva © Davide Garrone
Enva © Davide Garrone
Enva © Davide Garrone



Envà, in Catalan, is the word for the thin wall that is erected to divide a space. In a metaphysical sense, each of use erects these mental barriers to protect ourselves from emotions, walls to protect us from the Other... and then we spend our lives searching for ways to tear these walls down. 250kg of straw, 125kg of human weight, and hand-to-hand balancing are the ingredients for Envà and the result is a recipe for an acrobatic, funny, intense, and thoroughly beautiful performance.

Original idea by Àfrica Llorens, Amer Kabbani
Performed by Àfrica Llorens, Amer Kabbani
Stage support by Jorge Albuerne, 
Artistic consultant Karl Stets
Lights Ivan Tomasevic
Music Karl Stets

This project received support from the De Mar a Mar creative arts fund as part of the POCTEFA program. With assistance from La Central del Circ, the Hameka Fabrique street performance center, and the La Grainerie circus arts center.

Àfrica Llorens and Amer Kabbani are specialized in hand-to-hand balancing and acrobatic lifts. They met in 2011 at La Central del Circ in Barcelona during a training program in balancing techniques. Since then, they have worked to perfect their technique together and they have developed their own unique creative language.