Social Responsibility (CSR)

What is Organizational Social Responsibility? It is an approach used to improve organizations and their communities by focusing on two main areas: sustainable development and civic responsibility. 


BIAC is making a 10-year commitment to improve its operations in order to create a more responsible event.


A commitment to more sustainable energy use:

- by experimenting with a heat recovery system for warm air in the Bolero tent, collecting temperature readings and analyzing them in relation to the fuel consumption necessary for heating 

- by installing timers and motion detectors for lighting, and by gradually replacing the current lighting system with low-energy alternatives

- by adopting experimental heating protocols to lessen energy consumption for certain caravans housing the technical teams and companies, and by taking readings to analyze the difference in energy consumption


A commitment to water conservation:

- by replacing half of the toilets in the Tent Village with dry toilets

- by installing five drinking water fountains where audiences can fill reusable cups that are available at the bar of the Bolero tent and where technical teams and companies can fill their water bottles that are distributed free of charge by BIAC


A commitment to better waste management:

- by eliminating the sale of plastic bottles (see above)

- by encouraging the reuse of materials for the site (signs from previous editions, wooden pallet furniture, purchase of second-hand furniture...)

- by installing sorting bins adapted to different types of waste and providing appropriate signs and instructions that are accessible to all users ;

- by providing collection points for cigarette butts so they can be recycled with the help of a partner organization


A commitment to more sustainable food:

- by signing a charter with La Roulante, which is providing catering for the technical teams and the companies, as well as meal options for the general public

- by favoring local and organic options whenever possible, and by serving a 100% vegetarian menu one day a week

- by providing the general public with containers and cutlery made from compostable plant fiber 

- by setting up a compost system that is weighed every week and then absorbed into the Les Alchimistes composting system.


A commitment to greener mobility and more accessible facilities

- by installing passageways to allow access to the tents for people with reduced mobility

- by providing protected bicycle parking on the site

- by listing the event on a carpooling website


A commitment to fighting against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Harassment

- by appointing coordinators to deal with issues and communicating their contact information to all technical teams and companies 

- by posting information to raise awareness of the issue