• Flip Fabrique


    Trapeze, hand-to-hand balancing, bouncing balls, aerial straps, power track, hula hoop, juggling

  • 1h15
    Ages 6 and up
©Emmanuel Burriel
©Emmanuel Burriel
©Sebastien Durocher
©Sebastien Durocher
©Sebastien Durocher



Blizzard takes you on a crazy, poetic, and tender journey into the depths of winter and invites you to lose yourself in a moment of complete wonder.

What if winter had taken over everything? Not only outside, in the streets and fields, but also inside the houses, the bedrooms, under our clothes, and even in our hearts. What if everything, absolutely everything, was buried under snow, clouded by a white storm, the north wind freezing time as it passes over us? This could be a catastrophe, or rather a chance to start over and fix our mistakes. A blank page in the form of a blizzard.

With artists at the top of their game and extrordinary visual poetry, Blizzard promises to blow away everything in its path.

Artistic direction Bruno Gagnon
Stage director
Olivier Normand
With William Jutras, Justine Méthé-Crozat, Ben Nesrallah, Hugo Ouellet-Côté, Samuel Ramos, Jérémy St-Jean, Alexander James Taylor, Mélanie Dupuis
Original concept FLIP Fabrique
Stage design Marie-Renée Bourget Harvey
Costumes Erica Schmitz
Lighting Caroline Ross
Music Ben Nesrallah

FLIP Fabrique wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the City of Québec for their financial support.

"Great art. Five stars."

– La Presse

"Flip Fabrique has risen to the challenge by combining acrobatic prowess, impressionistic paintings, humorous touches, and childish pleasures."

– Le Soleil

"Flip Fabrique brings all the magic of a stormy day to the young and old alike."

– Edinburgh Festival Magazine

FLIP Fabrique is a circus company based in Quebec City, Canada. Born in 2011 from the friendship and dreams of circus artists, the troupe is world-renowned for its compelling shows that combine breathtaking performances with genuine poetry.

Composed of world-class artists, the troupe creates contemporary circus shows that have a remarkable capacity to entertain and move. In addition to its large-scale outdoor shows presented every summer in Quebec City since 2015, the troupe performs around the world in the most prestigious circus establishments and festivals.


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