L'Avis Bidon - Face A

  • Cirque la Compagnie

    France - Switzerland

    Korean plank, Chinese pole, acrobatics

  • 50mn
    Ages 5 and up
    Under the big top
© Marlène Braka
© Marlène Braka
© Albert Ortiz
© Françoise Lison
© V Muteau
© V Muteau



It is all starting, or maybe it has already begun, we don’t know, but there’s a bunch of activity in the ring.

The stage features towers and canisters: sometimes they become acrobatic elements, sometimes they become props to help move the songs along. In this performance, four young men reveal their chaotic pursuits to the world, and communication is both physical and verbal. 

There are moves, jumps, and falls, and everything is fueled by pure adrenaline!

These circus performers use teeterboards, songs, free ladders, Chinese poles, knife throwing, spoken word, and acrobatics on canisters to plunge us into the heart of their colorful relationships. The whole spectacle unfolds against the backdrop of a striking musical universe. This circus plays upon the proximity of the performers to their audience; with a completely casual attitude, these four companions share their acrobatic prowess and their offbeat humor with the spectators. Complete masters of their bodies, Zackary, Baptiste, Charlie, and Boris embrace all the risks as they fly higher and higher and make ever more powerful movements, all with laser-focused precision. 

A mix of a burlesque play and a high-flying circus, L’Avis Bidon – Face A [False Advice – Side A] is a message of friendship and optimism.

Show programmed as part of the CircusLink project, co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

With Boris Fodella, Baptiste Clerc, Zachary Arnaud, Charlie Mach 

Outside perspective Alain Francoeur

Technician Clément Fodella

Production Cirque la Compagnie

With support from the Archaos national circus arts center in Marseille / the CIRCa national circus arts center in Occitanie / the Piste d’Azur regional center for the circus arts / the École de Cirque de Bordeaux and the Centre Culturel des Arts du Cirque / the Circosphère circus arts center in Delémont, Switzerland / the LéVA cultural experimentation space in Auch / La Gare à Coulisses street arts center in Eurre

"Discovered during their debut performance at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris in 2017, where they received a show of recognition, these four Franco-Swiss artists impress audiences with their creativity, their dark humor and their dynamism. Their circus is very physical, with rocking, Chinese pole, free ladder, knife throwing ... It is also full of mischievous songs and funny moments. Mixed together, it is furiously exhilarating."

– Télérama Sortir

Cirque la Compagnie is a Franco-Swiss company that was created in 2014 while its members were still in their final years of studies at the National Circus School in Montreal.

The first year of the company’s existence was devoted to creating an act that could be performed at festivals and one-off events.

This act, Planche-Mât, made a remarkable impact at the Young Stage international circus festival in Basel in 2016, where it won four awards including the Cirque du Soleil prize and the bronze medal. It was then selected for the 38th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris in 2017, where the company won the Prix de la Ville de Paris, the Prix du Président de la République, and the Gold Medal.

The company also presents the other acts by these artists:

Chaises by Charlie Mach – Mât by Baptiste Clerc – Planche/Mât by Boris Fodella, Zackary Arnaud, Charlie Mach, and Baptiste Clerc

In 2017, they created their first full show: L'Avis Bidon – Face A, a street show that has been performed more than 180 times in four seasons.

In 2018, they created their second show: L'Avis Bidon – Face B, an indoor version of Face A.