• 22nd January - 20th February 2021

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La 8ème balle

  • Cie ZeC - Zenzero e Cannella


    Hand to hand balancing, juggling, hand balancing, acrobatics, music

  • 1h
© Zenzero e Cannella Parigi
© Zenzero e Cannella Parigi
© Zenzero e Cannella Parigi
© Zenzero e Cannella Parigi
© Zenzero e Cannella Parigi
© Zenzero e Cannella Parigi
© Zenzero e Cannella Parigi
© Zenzero e Cannella Parigi
© Zenzero e Cannella Parigi



An unconventional and delirious trio unveils itself to the rhythm of the balls. In a succession of vignettes that sway between quarrels and games of seduction, these three strong-willed souls manage against all odds to create a relationship and build bonds between them. The magic works, and the synergy is so perfect that the musician can become an acrobat and the juggler a musician.

La 8ème balle [The 8th Ball] is driven by the artists' desire not to take themselves too seriously and to play with the historical roots of the circus while remaining anchored in a genuinely contemporary endeavor. The show uses humor and derision to illustrate the fragility of the bonds that exist between human beings.

With Nicolò Bussi, Magdalena Vicente and Giacomo Vitullo (musician)
Artistic perspective Nikolaus Holz and Maroussia Dìaz Verbèke

Production Cie ZeC in Zenzero e Cannella / Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde center for the circus arts and emerging cultures in Bagneux
Coproduction Archaos national circus center / Compagnie 36 du Mois
Residencies La Cité du Cirque regional circus center in Le Mans / Maison des
Jonglages national theater in La Courneuve / Cie Pré-O-Coupé, winner of the emerging talent award for Ile-de-France in 2019

Immersed in the world of the circus since their childhoods, Magdalena Vicente and Nicolò Bussi were made to meet each other! They both happened to attend the ENACR national circus arts school in Rosny-sous-Bois, and then Nicolò continued his training at the CNAC national circus arts center in Châlons-en-Champagne. But it was at a circus festival that they finally met. They began working as a duo and then founded their company in 2019.

For their first creation, their research and curiosity led them to collaborate with the juggler, clown, philosopher, and poet, Nikolaus Holz. Their creative journey also led them to encounter Maroussia Díaz Verbèke, a benevolent advisor whose well-honed circus experiences provided them with helpful insights. Once the musican Giacomo Vitullo joined the adventure, the team was complete! Inspired by an unusual circus tradition and a creative revival that blends smoothly with today's circus, they created La 8ème Balle.


  • Friday 22 January 07:00pm
  • Friday 5 February 08:00pm
  • Saturday 20 February 08:00pm