• Cie Moost


    Acrobatics, object manipulation

  • 30mn
    Ages 8 and up
    Open air


Free, no reservation required

© Julien Mudry


Palette(s) is a show with two artists and 20 pallets. In this performance, Cédric Gagneur and Marc Oosterhoff wanted to give a new life to pallets without turning them into hipster bar furniture or organic tomato containers. Through games of balance and manipulation, the duo creates a series of daredevil challenges that are often too difficult for them but which they nevertheless attempt with joy. Palette(s) is an ode to falling, a show full of splinters that flirts with the border between dance and circus.

Concept and performance Cédric Gagneur and Marc Oosterhoff
Administration Mariana Nunes


Tour support Corodis, Centre Culturel Suisse

Created in 2017 by Marc Oosterhoff, the Compagnie Moost mixes dance and circus in search of a performing arts language that is both original and non-elitist. The company already has five shows in its repertoire and will present its sixth creation in the fall of 2023.

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