Ploie sous mon poids création

  • Mauvais Coton


    Topsy turvy poles and live music

  • 1h
    Ages 8 and up
    Under the big top
© Nicolas Gauduchon
© Nicolas Gauduchon
© Nicolas Gauduchon
© Nicolas Gauduchon
© Nicolas Gauduchon
© Nicolas Gauduchon


In the center, there are three topsy turvy poles, stranded there like pieces of meteorites. Then a crater to take refuge. Everything is continually moving on these improbable planets, forcing the four acrobat-musicians to find a different way to exist in the space. One must be able to hold on, to cling, to return to the center after long aerial crossings, whatever happens, and whatever it takes… all while accepting that people are not all-powerful, their fragility is always a factor, and they can fall at any moment.

Ploie sous mon poids [Bend Under My Weight] is a resolutely optimistic quest that is accompanied by live tribal and original music.

Staging Pierre Tallaron – Etrangères Créations
Acrobats and musicians Vincent Martinez, Noah Egli, Rocio Garotte
Musician Matthieu Tomi  
Teammate Anaïs Raphel
Constructor Philippe Moutte Ateliers Sud Side
Sound technician Eric Dutrievoz
Light technician Judith Leray 
Costumes Anaïs Clarté
Production Eric Paye 

Support Ardèche Department / Val de Marne Department / Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region / Ministry of Culture (DRAC AURA and DGCA) / Spedidam / Adami / Groupe des 20 Auvergne Rhône Alpes

Coproductions/Residencies Château Rouge in Annemasse / La Cascade national circus arts center in Bourg St Andéol / Le Vellein in Villefontaine / Quelques P’Art CNAREP in Boulieu les Annonay / Le Train Théâtre in Portes-lès-Valence / Les Ateliers Frappaz & Superstrat / L’Echappé in Sorbiers / Karwan street arts center in Marseille / Le Pole in Le Revest les Eaux / L’Allegro in Miribel / La Maison des Arts in Thonon Les Bains / Le Théâtre de Rungis / Le Grand Angle in Voiron / La Mouche in Saint Genis-Laval / Les Bords de Scènes in Juvisy / Archaos national circus center in Marseille / Théâtre Jean Vilar in Bourgoin-Jallieu / City of Faverges-Seythenex / Ateliers Sud Side / L’Heure Bleue in Saint Martin d’Hères

Created in 2006, the Mauvais Coton company is part of the new circus movement that mixes arts and people. It uses original circus structures to pursue engaged social and cultural projects.

The company is co-directed by the artists Anne-Lise Allard (balancing on wire) and Vincent Martinez (inventor of the topsy-turvy pole, an unprecedented circus device).

The company has several original creations in its repertoire:

- Passage, a duet on an autonomous two-wire structure, 2007.

- Justa Pugna, a trio for wire with music, 2009

- 3 Petites Pièces / 1 Grande Gueule, circus, slam, and music, 2009

- Vol du rempart, Chinese pole, topsy-turvy pole, and music, 2012

In 2014, Anne-Lise and Vincent devoted time to two personal creations: SoloS/Mues and Culbuto, which were short pieces for public spaces.

In 2016, Anne-Lise invited Fanny Vrinat to create Ombre d'elles, a burlesque and poetic road movie.

In 2020, Ploie sous mon poids was created. This collective work incorporates the topsy turvy pole and the notion of impermanence. And Anne-Lise also began work on the creation of a musical and acrobatic trio.