Take Care of Yourself

  • Cie Moost


    Acrobatics, object manipulation

  • 30mn
    Ages 12 and up
©Alex Brenner
©Alex Brenner
©Alex Brenner
©Alex Brenner



Halfway between circus, performance, and contemporary dance, this solo show has Marc Oosterhoff confront danger to explore the notion of risk. A voluntary submission to danger as a way of feeling alive in the depths of his flesh. A game that extracts oneself from the gloomy safety norms that mark and sanitize our daily lives. Here the artist dictates his own rules and sets his own ambushes: a bottle of whisky, 12 shot glasses, knives, paper balls, a basket, and rat traps. The audience hesitates between hilarity and fear without taking their eyes off the dancer.

“We live in a world where the security of the individual is dictated to us in a direct and authoritarian way: no swimming, no climbing, no closing of doors, area under video surveillance…

Certain behaviors have been categorized as “risky” and unproductive to society and are therefore prohibited. The individual’s ability to discern risk for themselves is dismissed, there is no trust in their ability to know what is or is not suitable for their abilities. 

With Take Care of Yourself, I wanted to question this limit of personal risk-taking by presenting perilous actions that a man undertakes of his own accord. I also wanted to create a piece where the audience feels included. All of us together in the same game. Games inspired by popular games – such as drinking games – where tension is created because the result of the action is unknown to everyone.

Neither the audience nor I know what happens next. Several devices appear, one after another, throughout the piece, each one allowing the audience to project a result, to imagine an outcome, positive or not, thus keeping it in continuous tension.”

Marc Oosterhoff, 2016


By and with Marc Oosterhoff
Outside perspectives Lionel Baier, Eugénie Rebetez
Light design Marc Oosterhoff
Technical design Leo Garcia, Filipe Pascoal
Distribution Lise Leclerc, Tutu Production
Administration Mariana Nunes

Production CIE MOOST
Tour support Corodis, Pro Helvetia

"We tense up, we shout, and we laugh in reaction to the subtle Take Care of Yourself. Circus skills combined with a sense of humor, originality combined with simplicity."

– sceneweb.fr

In 2012, Marc Oosterhoff graduated from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio with a Bachelor's degree in movement theater. After his studies, he went to China for six months to study martial arts, where he also practiced parkour and circus acrobatics. For two years, he worked as an actor, then entered the La Manufacture theater and dance school in Lausanne in 2004. He graduated with a second Bachelor's degree, this time in contemporary dance.

In 2016, he presented his first solo performance, Take Care of Yourself, at the Quarts d'Heure de Sévelin. In 2017 he collaborated with the dancer Cédric Gagneur on the show Palette(s). In 2019, he created a second solo show, Promises of Uncertainty, with the musician Raphael Raccuia. He has just created a new project, Lab Rats, which is a duet with Owen Winship and will be presented at the next edition of La Bâtie-Festival de Genève.

Created in 2017 by Marc Oosterhoff, CIE MOOST is a company that mixes dance and circus in the pursuit of a creative performance language that is both singular and non-elitist. The company's repertoire includes the following shows:

- Take Care Of Yourself written and performed by Marc Oosterhoff, Lausanne, Théâtre Sévelin 36 (2016).

- Palette(s) written and performed by Cédric Gagneur and Marc Oosterhoff, Lausanne, & La Manufacture (2017).

- Promises of Uncertainty written by Marc Oosterhoff, with Marc Oosterhoff, Raphael Raccuia, Joana Oliveira, Genva, L’Abri (2019).

- Lab Rats written and performed by Marc Oosterhoff and Owen Winship, original music by Olivia Pedroli, lights by Joana Oliveira, Lausanne, Théâtre Sévelin 36 (2021).

- Natures Mortes written and performed by Marc Oosterhoff, Camille Denkingern and Latifeh Hadji. Show will open in March 2022 at the Théâtre Benno Besson in Yverdon-les-Bains.


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