Viruta création

  • ETO (El Tercer Ojo)

    France / Argentina

    Clowning and juggling

  • 1h
    Ages 5 and up
© Anthony Krizmanic
© Camille Thomas
© Anthony Krizmanic
© Anthony Krizmanic
© Camille Thomas



His name is Viruta; he is a clown.

He’s here now, but probably it’s a bit of a coincidence. He has a suitcase full of souvenirs, sawdust from circus rings, juggling balls, and flying hats. The smells of the circus and the luminous dust of the wood shavings are his world. Like all those red-nosed men whose stories he recounts, he is a little lost, a little clumsy, but rich in life and imbued with poetry. It’s a story that may induce laughter, but mostly marvel.

His name is Viruta; he is a clown. He is here, but tomorrow he will be somewhere else...

Writing and performance Paulo Perelsztein
Props and poetic insight Wanda Mañas
Creative perspective Servane Guittier and Antoine Manceau (Attraction Céleste)
Technician Wanda Mañas 

Partners CRAC contemporary art center – Region Sud / Piste d’Azur circus school / Théâtre Daki Ling / Nickel Chrome / the Pays de Grasse agglomeration / Archaos national circus center / Scène de Cirque festival in Puget-Théniers / La Fabrique Mimont in Cannes / ZimZam / Pop Circus school / Region Sud

The company ETO (El Tercer Ojo) was founded by the artists Paulo Perelsztein and Wanda Mañas and they developed their first creation, hEchos, in 2015. This show infused the company with its unique aesthetic that has continued to develop ever since. That same year, two new artists joined the company, Julian Lafuente (juggler) and Laurence Cherbuy (musician) as part of the En Circulo project.

Since its first creation, the company has endeavored to produce poetic shows with surrealist or dreamlike scenes and where different artistic universes such as circus, clowning, dance, or music are intertwined. The objective is to propose highly technical artistic creations of various formats, from feature-length shows to smaller formats and single acts.

Viruta is the third creation of the company.