Voyage en Tutti

  • Josselin Carré



  • 1h28
    Ages 8 and up
  • Movie


The collective is put to the test of creation; creation is put to the test of the collective. Is "Surnatural Orchestra" a family? A community? A utopia? In any case, it's more than an orchestra, it's a daily commitment for each member of this horizontal organization as they focus entirely on the musical happening.

The film is not only a testimonial. It participates fully in the animated debate that is at the very origin of creation and immerses itself in this collective where compromise is elevated to the rank of an artistic discipline!

Director Josselin Carré
Sound recording Marie Clotilde Chery
Film editing Sylvain Piot
Sound editing : Raphaël Mouterd
Mixing François Gueurce
Production Oléo Films