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©Grégoire Korganow
©Grégoire Korganow
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One "writes" his dishes, the other wants to "eat" his ideas. Alexandre Gauthier is a chef renowned worldwide for his creativity and unique culinary vision that earned him a second Michelin star in 2017. He talks about the rhythm of flavors, the rise to a crescendo in a dish, the rests between flavors, the palettes of emotions. He loves art, the encounters it facilitates for him, and especially those with trailblazers like Johann Le Guillerm. The chef and the artist are united by the same way of doing things: laboratory research and artistic exploration tinged with a pronounced taste for transgressing established codes. This event is an invitation to a strange rite that will offer an existential experience of what it is to taste concepts with one's stomach as well as one's mind. These two extremities of the human being that are linked by a column that allows them to stand upright.

The kitchen is concocted by the chef, the objects, the forms, and the scenography are from Attraction, the artistic exploration that Johann Le Guillerm has been conducting for 20 years. The nourishing experience is original, totally unusual, magical... It brings into play the whole body imagined as a place of total experience.

Program initiated by the Grandes Tables - I.C.I with Cirque Ici, in co-production with the Friche la Belle de Mai and Archaos as part of the Entre2 BIAC 2022

Conception and scenography Johann Le Guillerm
Culinary interpretation of Attraction Alexandre Gauthier
Related by Marie-Josée Ordener with help from Laurent Mercier, Emilie Lecoester, and Aurélie Ramet
Table service Selma Noret-Terraz, Amandine Gilbert, Sylvain Ligot
Light design Hervé Gary
Sound design Thomas Belhom
General management Manu Majastre
Stage management Pauline Lamache
Sound technician Julien Reboux alternating with Vincent Lannuzel
Construction Jean-Marc Bernard, Silvain Ohl
Decoration Fanny Gautreau, Pauline Lamache, Julie Lesas
Design and manufacture of stainless steel set Didier Deret

Production Cirque ici - Johann Le Guillerm.
Coproduction La Grenouillère - Alexandre Gauthier // Le Channel, Scène nationale de Calais // Le Volcan, national theater in Le Havre // Les Grandes Tables // I.C.I // Scènes & Cinés - Les Élancées // Festival Paris l’Été
Artist residency Le Channel, national theater in Calais.
With support from the Malo company
With support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication (DGCA and DRAC Ile-de-France) // the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Institut Français) // the Regional Council of Ile-de-France // the Departmental Council of Essonne // the City of Paris // Institut Français - City of Paris.

Cirque ici – Johann Le Guillerm is hosted by the City of Paris for a research residency at the Jardin d'Agronomie Tropicale (Direction de la Culture et Direction des Espaces Verts et de l'Environnement)

"This slow and surprising ritual puts its teeth into the heart of the matter all the way until dessert."

Le Monde

Johann Le Guillerm is a circus artist and a graduate of the CNAC national circus center. He has been awarded the Grand Prix National du Cirque (1996), the Prix des Arts du Cirque SACD (2005), and the Grand Prix SACD (2017) for his work. In 2001, he dedicated himself fully to Attraction, a vast research project that questions balance, forms, points of view, movement... Defining himself as a practitioner within the space of perspectives, he shatters the boundaries of the traditional circus disciplines. Attraction is an artistic investigation that manifests itself in various forms: objects, shows, sculptures, performances...

Alexandre Gauthier was born to cook. After working in several renowned French restaurants, he took over the family restaurant La Grenouillère, located in La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil on the Côte d'Opale in Pas-de-Calais. He was awarded a Michelin star in 2008 and received a second star in the Michelin guide in 2017. He quickly made his mark on contemporary French cuisine with a personal, savage, delicate, plant-based, and unbridled cuisine. Alexandre Gauthier has been invited to present his cuisine in China, Japan, Singapore, Canada, the United States, and across Europe in a culinary voyage that traversed as many countries as meals were shared.

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