Je suis tigrecréation

  • Groupe Noces


    Acrobatic danse, drawing

  • 35mn
    Ages 6 and up


€6 - €15

© Marc Ginot


She is "from here", he is from a "place" he had to flee. This beautiful story of discovery and friendship is formed between Hichem and Marie in the schoolyard and is danced and drawn at the level of a child. It is not easy for him to recount a story that is so unusual. It's not easy for her to connect the fragments that are summoned by the strange words she hears from grown-ups – exile, refugees, war – to what her friend has experienced. A huge fresco is drawn live during the performance, providing the main elements of Hichem's journey, a solitary and resilient tiger. Je suis tigre [I am tiger] sweeps away preconceptions, invites tolerance, and reminds us that, more than just a moral imperative, welcoming and sharing are sources of wealth and joy.

Script, choreography, staging Florence Bernad  
Acrobatic dancers Rita Martins and Diogo Santos
Drawing Anaïs Massini
Text Aurélie Namur
Lights Nicolas Buisson

“The complicity of the two performers conjures up the ability to bounce back, what we call resilience, in the face of the worst adversity.”

– L’Indépendant

Florence Bernad is an advocate for a physical, theatrical, and emotional dance. Her experience in taking a subject for adults and bringing it to the universe of children gives her a unique freedom of expression. Starting with her shows Punky Marie in 2015 and For Love in 2018, she has explored how acrobatics can be associated with choreographical writing. For her, flight becomes a poetic material.

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