Le Poids des Nuages création

  • Hors surface


    trampoline, ladder, acro net

  • 20mn
    Ages 3 and up


Inspired by the myth of Icarus, Le Poids des Nuages [The Weight of the Clouds] explores the relationship between two men through their quest for the absolute.

Before our eyes, these two characters traverse worlds and cross porous borders that are both real and imaginary. Their relationship questions our notions of individualism, trust, and ambition.

The circus, a space where everything is possible, is a summons to reinvent one's own rules. Above and underneath a vast trampoline canvas, these artists embody the dream of Icarus, the dream of flying, and humanity's ability to persist, to overcome, and to reinvent itself.

Thus, aboard this vessel of endless possibilities, they will disrupt conventions and build their escape route...


Espace de La confluence in Auriol: creative work

Archaos in Marseille: premiere

Concept and artistic direction Damien Droin
Creation and performance Damien Droin and Emilien Janneteau
Stage technican Charles Perichaud
Original music Mathieu Tomi
Artistic collaboration Dominique Boivin
Theatrical staging and artistic oversight Yann Eucauvre

Coproduction Archaos national circus center / Atelier 231 national theater in Chateauvallon / Théâtre Liberté / Espace de la Confluence in Auriol / Théâtre de l'Arsenal 

Residencies  Espace Périphérique de la Villette / Nil Obstrat / Le Pôle

Support Fondation POMARET

Institutional support DRAC artistic agency for PACA / Region Sud / Var Department / Toulon metro area / City of Toulon

"One can sense an infinite potential, an unprecedented variety of combinations that the artist Damien Droin uses as he moves from physical virtuosity to dramatic expression."

– Pascal Vey

Hors Surface is a company based in Toulon that was created in 2011.

The company's first two creations – BOAT, Transe Poétique and TETRAKTYS, Un Conte Slam Acrobatique – were created to be performed with an acronet (a 50m2 net-trampoline with a tightrope five meters above), a structure designed by Damien Droin during his training at the CNAC national circus arts center.

Hors Surface embraces a demanding and resolutely multidisciplinary style of writing with the goal of creating circus and street arts inspired by contemporary dance and digital technology. As part of a pure circus tradition, the company invests its creations with an intense physicality and uses music to evoke the emotions of their detailed writing.

For the past five years, Hors Surface has been developing international exchange and creation projects (notably in Brazil, South Korea, and Guinea).