• Le Cirque Graphique


    Graphical object manipulation

  • 20mn
    Ages 4 and up


Make a reservation Free with a reservation. Online or by phone at +33 (0)4 42 48 40 04 (Monday to Friday, from 9h30 to 17h30)

© Camille La Verde


In a sort of bizarre ritual, the O.N.D.E (the aesthetically derived nodular object) forms in the distance and surveys its new territory, moving while floating, like a large dreamlike snake with astonishing capacities. This abstract and reptilian puppet is made of hoops and moves with intriguing dexterity and meticulousness. With this workshop production, the Compagnie Graphique seeks to use an ephemeral apparition to conjure a memory, a feeling of freedom, and an admiration of the living.

By and with André Hidalgo

Le Cirque Graphique was created by Pich in Nantes, France in 2018. It aims to develop both solo and collective creations that follow a graphics-based aesthetic and, more broadly, to bring together and use an educational approach to promote artistic practices that follow this aesthetic.

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