Open Cage création

  • Hors Surface


    Acrobatic Dance, Trampoline, Climbing Rope, Fabric, Music

  • 1h
    Ages 6 and up
    Under the big top
Open Cage © Patricia Hotzinger-Richard
Open Cage © Patricia Hotzinger-Richard
Open cage © DR
Open cage © Caillou
Open Cage © Patricia Hotzinger-Richard

Teaser Open cage


Everything starts up high, horizontally, feet on the wall and eyes toward the stars…Suspended from a wire, a man moves aimlessly in what appears to be some sort of routine. He is tortured by the voices in his head. Reality shifts. Little by little his abilities deteriorate, the routine stops. He will have to break his habits and leave what he knows in order to reach freedom. This physical and poetic piece evokes the bonds that hold us back, that hinder us and manipulate us. It speaks of dreams and exploration, of confinement and conquest. On stage, we have two acrobats in search of balance, a narrator-musician, and walls that appear and then crumble. Two planes, two stories, and many possibilities…

Thanks to trampoline movements and acrobatic dance, horizontality and verticality confront each other to give rise to a choreography that defies the laws of gravity. It appears as if mental barriers are physically manifesting themselves on stage, as if a leap into the void suddenly becomes a poetic adventure that toys with gravity. In Open Cage, the stage is a metaphor of passing time and pushes the characters to change their perspectives.

Concept and direction Damien Droin
Performance Damien Droin and Sarah Devaux
Music Benjamin Vicq
Artistic collaboration Dimitri Lemaire
Set design Sigolène De Chassy
Choreography Thomas Guerry
Magic Benoît Dattez
Light creation and management Aline Tyranowicz
Construction Benjamin Gorlier
Production and distribution: Blandine Colas

Coproduction Archaos, Pôle National Cirque. Châteauvallon, Scène Nationale, Pôle Régional des Arts du Cirque des Pays de la Loire (Cité du Cirque Marcel Marceau and Festival Le Mans Fait son Cirque), Palc-Pôle National Cirque Grand Est, Plateforme 2 Pôles Cirques (Normandy) and La Brèche (Cherbourg) – Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf, Orphéon Théâtre Intérieur, Théâtre Am Stram Gram 

Residencies Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque Piste d'Azur, CNAC - Centre National des Arts du Cirque, PJP - Pôle Jeune Public – certified circus arts theatre, Centre International des Arts en Mouvement.
Supported by the Fondation E.C.Art-POMARET, the DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, the Var department and the City of Toulon. Lauréat 2017 Processus Cirque, with the support of the SACD / Processus Cirque.

“Poetic and physical, visual and musical, brilliantly hallucinated.” VarMag, January 2012

Created in 2011, the Toulouse-based company Hors Surface has adopted a resolutely multidisciplinary creative process with a desire to transcend the traditional frameworks of music and circus. Seeking to cultivate the best of both worlds, the company embraces an intense physical engagement in the purest of circus traditions and combines it with the precise emotional creation that only music can offer. 

The anchoring of the performance BOAT—Transe Poétique in Rimbaud’s universe highlights the company's use of texts. The next show, TETRAKTYS— Un Conte Slam Acrobatique was also inspired by the possibilities of poetry. These first two performances were created around the Acronet (a large net-trampoline with a tightrope), a device conceived by Damien Droin when he was a student at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque.

Over the past five years, Hors Surface has developed projects that focus on international exchange (Brazil and South Korea).

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