Calamity Cabaret création

  • L'Immédiat


  • 1h
Calamity Cabaret © DR
Calamity Cabaret © DR
Calamity Cabaret © DR
Calamity Cabaret © DR
Calamity Cabaret © DR


Camille Boitel offers two different ways to experience this "disastrous" cabaret: either from the inside or the outside of this series of vignettes on vulnerability that are redolent with both comic absurdity and dreamlike poetry.

Calamity Cabaret (inside) doesn't like masculinity, safety or certainty, typecasting, proof; it does like involuntary and accidental humor, problems with rhythm, mistakes at rehearsal, poor timing, awkwardness, defects, cowardly acts, and all forms of hopelessness. It likes crazy things and crazy people and good for nothings, the rhythm of things as they arrive and the enormity of the moments when they surge forth.

Calamity Cabaret (outside) doesn't like strength, confidence or certainty, categories, neither the true nor the false; it does like details and accidents, defects, mistakes at rehearsals, poor timing, awkwardness, hysteria, rhythm problems, sadness, and all forms of hopelessness. It likes endlessness and backlash, sudden movements, twisted music and rhythm problems, and things that can barely be seen and the enormity of the moments when they surge forth.

Calamity Cabaret has been perfected and refined, both for and with audiences, with the elegant touch of a goldsmith.

Created by Camille Boitel
Performed by Marine Broise, Camille Boitel, Pascal Le Corre, Guillaume Béguinot
Lights Arthur Puech
Technician Hugo Frison
Creative consultant and script Sève Bernard
Director for production, promotion & administration Emmanuel Magis assisted by Clémence Pierre, Anahi
Construction Mok and the cabaret team, with help from the team at the 2 Scènes workshop

Production L’Immédiat
Coproduction Tandem Arras Douai, national theatre; Théâtre de Brétigny-sur-Orge; Les 2 Scènes
Support, residencies Tandem Arras Douai; CCN2 Grenoble; L’Été de Vaour; Riu ferrer; Domaine d’O; Le Bois de l’Aune - Aix-en-Provence
Under the auspices of Immédiat (Ministry of Culture) – DRAC Île-de-France; City of Paris; Île-de-France Région (permanent residency for the company)

Camille Boitel first gained recognition in 2002 with L’Homme de Hus, which has emerged as one of his key performances. As an artist, he explores a mix of dramatic and comic devices in order to tell stories of worst-case situations, and to examine the contexts for moments and accidents in all their forms. Imbalance, shock, disharmony, error, fragility, weight, and suspension.

There are many works-in-progress, creations that reinvent themselves endlessly, every performance a premiere: Fissures (multiple versions), Pièce de Dos, Le Poids des Choses, Lévitations, La Haine des Chaises, Ouverture de S..., Élan sans Chutes, Variations Comiques, and works that have no names and know no limits of genre (visual arts, cinematography, performance, spectacle, literary, or an olio of everything).

Camille Boitel's curiosity is such that he engages in dance, acrobatics, and music, and his journey has been seeded with a series of decisive encounters:  Annie Fratellini, James Thierrée, Coline Serreau, Jean-Paul Scarpita, Christophe Huysman… Today it is the arts association L’Immédiat that is home to his unique and highly personal creations where "the body and movement are the principal vectors for a project to be both bewildering and overwhelming."


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