• Un loup pour l’homme



  • 45mn
    Ages 12 and up
© Valérie Frossard



In a powerful hand-to-hand combat, two harnessed men are seeking to control each other's bodies. The cautious enjoyment they take in transforming each other into instruments, pieces of equipment, playgrounds, or battlefields commits them to a consensual struggle. Caught between traction and attraction, the pair do not seek power over the other, but rather power with the other.

Creators Arno Ferrera, Mika Lafforgue, and Gilles Polet
Artistic direction Arno Ferrera
Performers Arno Ferrera et Gilles Polet 
Outside consultant Paola Rizza
Choreography consultants Benjamin Kahn, Gilles Polet
Sound consultant Amaury Vanderborght 
Light design Florent Blanchon
Light and sound technician Pierre-Jean Faggiani
Artisanal saddle maker Jara Buschhoff
Costume design Jennifer Defays 
Administration, production, distribution Lou Henry, Anaïs Longiéras, Emma Lefrançois
With the help of Alexandre Fray 
Photography Valérie Frossard
Video  Romain Vennekens
Media relations Estelle Laurentin
Graphic design Ekta
Thanks to Caroline Cardoso 

"An acrobatic style that is stripped down, raw, rough, and unconventional.”

The Un loup pour l’Homme circus company uses its practice of acrobatic lifts as a way to defend a vision of humanity made up of social beings that are as different from as they are dependent on each other. More than a medium to be shaped, hand-to-hand acrobatics is a true language and a laboratory for human relations.

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  • Tuesday 7 February 07:00pm
  • Wednesday 8 February 07:00pm
  • Thursday 9 February 07:00pm

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