• Hors Surface


    Tightrope and trampoline

  • 20mn
    Ages 3 and up
    Open air


Free, no reservation required

@ Camille Perreau


Poetic and physical, visual and musical, fragmented and rhythmic, deliberately hallucinogenic, this is a story about the contrasts we are all made of. From our desires to fly to our roots on the ground. From what we must learn to what we must leave behind. A tale about verticality that is freely inspired by the myth of Icarus and his desire to ascend. 

Author and performer Damien Droin
Production Compagnie Hors Surface
Technician Frédéric Soria
Music Nicolas Lespagnol-Rizzi


Support Var Departement / L'Espace Périphérique / Transversale national circus theater in Verdun / La Grainerie circus and street arts center / CNAC national circus arts center / Cirk'Ecole / Regard en Haut circus school / SACD / Fondation Ecart Pomaret

Hors Surface is a circus company from Var that has been championing a new, cross-disciplinary form of circus for more than a decade. The company is committed to a writing and creation process that mixes circus, dance, music, and theater. Damien Droin, the artistic director of Hors Surface, embraces a creative approach that revolves around the perception of the world in mutation.

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