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Danse macabre

  • Martin Zimmermann


    Dance, theater, circus

  • 1h30
    Ages 12 and up


€8 - €40

© Basil Stücheli


Three tragicomic and fragile characters find themselves in the midst of an abandoned dump. Despite setbacks and relationship difficulties, they manage to get back on their feet, and come up with unexpected solutions. Yet death is omnipresent, pulling the strings and operating in the shadows, without the performers ever being able to see it. The protagonists do not know if the risks and challenges they are constantly facing come from the outside world or if they are part of their own story. In this Danse Macabre, the characters struggle to survive and have only one way out: their sense of humor

Concept, direction, choreography Martin Zimmermann
Created with and performed by Tarek Halaby, Dimitri Jourde, Methinee Wongtrakoon, Martin Zimmermann
Musical creation Colin Vallon
Dramaturgy Sabine Geistlich
Scenography Simeon Meier, Martin Zimmermann
Artistic collaboration Romain Guion
Set design, technical coordination Ingo Groher
Set construction maisondelaculture de Bourges (Nicolas Bénard, Lucas Bussy, Jules Chavigny, Jean-Christophe David, Luc Renard, Joao De Sousa, Eric Vincent), Andy Hohl
Costume design Susanne Boner, Martin Zimmermann
Light design Sarah Büchel
Sound design Andy Neresheimer
Set motorisation Thierry Kaltenrieder
Fabrication of costumes Susanne Boner
Decorative painting Michèle Rebetez-Martin
Technical stage design Roger Studer, Mateu Pascual Labourdette
Light technician Sarah Büchel, Jan Olieslagers
Sound technician Andy Neresheimer, Frank Bourgoin
General technician Roger Studer
Photography Nelly Rodriguez, Basil Stücheli
Graphic design Marietta Eugster Studio
Administration, distribution Alain Vuignier
International producer Claire Béjanin
Communication Manuela Schlumpf
Technical office Sarah Büchel, Ueli Kappeler
Accounting Conny Heeb


Production MZ Atelier Coproduction Fonds des Programmateurs from Reso – Réseau Danse Suisse – supported by Pro Helvetia (Swiss arts council) / Kaserne Basel / Kurtheater Baden / Le Volcan, national theater in Le Havre / Les Théâtres de la Ville – Luxembourg / L’Odyssée — Périgueux / maisondelaculture de Bourges national theater / Opéra Dijon / Theater- und Musikgesellschaft Zug / Théâtre de Carouge / Zürcher Theater Spektakel Support BvC Stiftung / Elisabeth Weber Stiftung / Else von Sick Stiftung / Ernst Göhner Stiftung / Fachausschuss Tanz & Theater BS - BL / Stiftung Corymbo Thanks to Leoné-Sophie Kündig, Daniel Kündig, Schauspielhaus Zürich Residency Kurtheater Baden Première 19 August 2021 at the Festival Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Zurich.

Martin Zimmermann benefits from a cooperative grant contract supported by the Zurich cultural affairs office, the cultural affairs department of the Canton of Zurich, and the Pro Helvetia Swiss arts council. He serves as an associate artist at the Maison de la Culture de Bourges national theater and at the Tanzhaus Zürich dance center.


"Martin Zimmermann's extraordinary talent lies largely in his ability to simultaneously invent a time and a space in which his character never stops evolving."


Martin Zimmermann grew up in Switzerland. After an apprenticeship as a set designer in Zurich, he graduated from the CNAC national circus center in Paris. For more than 20 years, he has been inventing, choreographing, and directing a visual and physical theater that is performed without words. His creations feature a mix of circus, dance, theater, and spectacular stage installations that has enchanted audiences all over the world.

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  • Wednesday 1 February 08:30pm
  • Thursday 2 February 08:30pm
  • Tuesday 7 February 08:00pm
  • Wednesday 8 February 08:30pm

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