• QUEL CIRQUE ! Opening weekend


Impact d'une course

  • La Horde dans les pavés


    Promenade performance, outdoors

  • 30mn
    Ages 3 and up
    Open air


Free, no reservation required

@ Antoine Delpeut


When architects and urban planners design cities, they too often neglect the inventive capacity of the residents. With Impact d'une course [Impact of a route], the company La Horde dans les Pavés celebrate all the world's inhabitants by approaching the city in a different way than the original design intended. It draws upon free circus techniques, parkour, psicobloc climbing, contemporary dance, toy-pop music, psychedelic Afrobeat, and probably Grand Theft Auto 4 as well. The musician never abandons the acrobats, and their music conveys the desire to make this show as much a moment of collective exploration as an intimate experimental concert.

"These six are made for this: to move you on earth and also a little bit in your head too.”


La Horde dans les Pavés is an acrobatic performance collective that was founded in 2020 with the desire to focus on group writing and emphasize improvisation. The collective is inspired by circus techniques, parkour, urban climbing, and street dance. It aims to make the street an experience and offer experiences the street. The promenade performances are shaped by the spaces traveled and thus give rise to constantly evolving creations.

  • Saturday 14 January 02:30pm
  • Sunday 15 January 02:30pm

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