La Nuit du Cerf

  • Cirque Le Roux


    Acrobatic lifts, balancing, aerial frame, tightrope

  • 1h25
    Ages 4 and up
© Jean-Marc Helies


Miss Betty is dead. Her three children gather at the family home on the edge of the forest to prepare for the funeral. Suddenly, a mysterious stranger arrives with a screech of tires. From there, everything changes: the recently reunited family settles accounts, tears each other apart, loves each other, grabs each other, laughs, cries, dances, goes haywire... and the funeral goes off the rails. La Nuit du Cerf [A Deer in the Headlights] features a gallery of colorful, charismatic, and funny characters for a work where the fragility and tenderness of human relationships touch us to the core. A cine-circus show that pays tribute to humanity in all its humor, clumsiness, and splendor.

Authors/performers Lolita Costet, Valérie Benoît ou Justine Methe Crozat, Grégory Arsenal, Philip Rosenberg, Yannick Thomas, Andrei Anissimov
Artistic direction Cirque Le Roux
Direction Charlotte Saliou
Staging : Cirque Le Roux with Fred Ruiz
Original music Alexandra Stréliski
Choreography Cirque Le Roux with Colin Cunliffe
Costumes Cirque Le Roux with Clarisse Baudinière
Scenography Cirque Le Roux with MOA and Benoit Probst ART&OH
Light design Cirque Le Roux with Pierre Berneron
Sound design Cirque Le Roux with Jean-Marie Canoville


Coproductions  Scène Nationale d'Albi / Le Quai des Arts - Relais Culturel Régional à Argentan / Théâtre de Gascogne Scènes de Mont de Marsan / Théâtre Municipal de Cusset - Scène Conventionnée d'intérêt National / Blue Line productions Accueils en résidence / Soutien ADAMI / CNV / Département des Landes / Théâtre de Gascogne Scènes de Mont de Marsan : une résidence rémunérée par l'OARA (Office Artistique de la Région Nouvelle Aquitainre) / Le Quai des Arts - Relais Culturel Régional à Argentan / Théâtre Municipal de Cusset -  Scène Conventionnée d'intérêt National / Ville de Soustons / Ville de Rambouillet / Ville de Biscarosse / CRABB / Maison de la Musique de Cap'Découverte / Ecole Alex Galaprini

"A joyful aesthetic, sophisticated, and warm creation, this is a real blast!”

— Télérama

Cirque Le Roux is a French circus company that creates cinema-circus works. In 2015, the company’s founders produced The Elephant in the Room, a crazy circus comedy. In 2019, they released their second opus, La Nuit du Cerf [The Deer in the Headlights], which was nominated for a Molière Award in 2020, which is France’s most esteemed theater prize.

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